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Central Committee Meeting
June 10

SATURDAY, June 10, 2023 Ridgeline High School Lecture Hall

Credentialing begins at 8 AM, call to order 9 AM

Meeting will end no later than Noon.



Members of the CCC may submit an agenda item by clicking on the button above.  Please include your name, precinct number and precinct office.  You may also provide additional arguments for or against the bylaw proposals shown below which we will promptly post on this page.  Posts may be edited for brevity.  

Members of the CCC may submit a question for our legislator panels.  Check the list below to see if your question is already submitted.  We will aggregate similar questions.  Please focus on platform policy questions, gotcha questions unneeded.

Credentialing 8 AM, Call to Order 9 AM

  1. Welcome, Chair

  2. Prayer

  3. Present Colors - Cache Republican Veterans Caucus

  4. National Anthem

  5. Pledge

  6. Adopt Agenda

  7. Approve minutes last meeting, click link below

    1. Minutes from Organizing Convention

  8. Financial Review Report - Michael Regen, CPA

  9. Elected Officials Panel - Utah Legislature, 20 minutes

  10. Republican Women

  11. Report Secretary

  12. Report Treasurer, review disbursements, financial position,

  13. Report Chair - budget for the next two years

  14. Credential Report

  15. Calendar quick review

  16. Committee Organization (Geoff)

    1. Present Committee structure & leadership to achieve goals

      1. Parade​s

      2. Convention & Special Election Facilities Etc.

      3. County Fair

      4. TARS

      5. Lincoln Dinner (starting now!)

      6. Election Support

    2. Ask for volunteers 

  17. Unfinished Business from Convention (see RR 41)

    1. Bylaw 9G - see pdf, if on phone, scroll to bottom.

  18. Bylaw Changes, see attached document (do as many as CCC body wants)

    1. Article 1 - Cache Republican Veterans​ Caucus

    2. 5A8 - Electronic voting for Executive Committee

    3. 11A-E - Election Period Definition, Candidates Pledges

    4. 5A2 District Chairs on Executive Committee

    5. 5A6 Robert's Rules for Small Boards

    6. 11A-E Candidate Filing

    7. 4D3 Financial Transactions

    8. 4D2 Financial Review

    9. 12 Auxiliary Approval

    10. 6B5 District Chair Ex-Officio

    11. 9A Voting Method

    12. Resolution on Voting in Cache County

    13. Platform addition:  DEI

    14. Platform addition: ESG

  19. New business

  20. Final Words -  Chair

  21. Adjourn


"The mission of the Cache GOP is to promote and defend the Constitution and values of our party Platform through finding, electing and supporting principled Republicans in elected offices through the caucus-convention system.  The Party also defends our Platform through media, social events, training, and education."


Questions for Legislator Panel

1. What happened to the signature SB54 clarification bills?

2. What is the reaction of the education community to scholarship bill?

3. Johnson voted against HB427 prohibiting instructional material inconsistent with principles of inalienable rights, equal opportunity and individual merit.  What were your concerns?

4. Snider voted against SB55 requiring transparency when adopting district-wide curriculum.  What were your concerns?

5. All Cache Representatives voted for HB393 70% Delegate vote skips primary.  How did the bill get stuck in the senate and will it come up next year?

6. What are each of you doing to eliminate excessive or extra-constitutional programs, departments, or projects?


​Convention Rules

  1. Speakers face the chair when making motions, and may address the body when offering explanations.

  2. Debate time for the adoption of the agenda is limited to 10 minutes.

  3. Each delegate to this meeting will be issued a credential card that is non-transferrable and must be displayed at the time of balloting and voting.

  4. Only members of the Cache Central Committee are allowed to speak unless approved by the chair and two-thirds of the credentialed members.

  5. Maximum time limit for discussion on each Bylaw proposal is 15 minutes.  Speakers are limited to 90 seconds each. At the end of the discussion period, all pending amendments will be voted on after which the main motion will be voted on.

For Reference From our bylaws:

2A  A quorum for the Central Committee shall be 50 members, or a majority of precincts represented.

(9A) All matters to be voted upon by any committee established by these By-laws or any convention or precinct caucus shall be by majority vote of those present and authorized to vote.  Voting by proxy is expressly prohibited at any meeting of any committee established herein or any convention or precinct caucus.

(10B) These By-laws may be amended at any time by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of qualified voting members or delegates present at a regular or specifically called County Central Committee meeting or County Convention, respectively.

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