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Thursday, September 26, 2024 at TBD.

Credentialing begins at 6:30 PM, call to order 7:00 PM. 

Note:  This proposed agenda is not official until the members of the committee (you!) adopt it at the meeting.  If you have an item you would like to add, please email

  1. Welcome, Chair

  2. Prayer

  3. National Anthem

  4. Pledge of Allegiance

  5. Credential Report

  6. Adopt Standing Rules (listed below)

  7. Adopt Agenda

  8. Approve Minutes Spring 2024 Central Committee Meeting

  9. John Drew, Report Treasurer

  10. Pam Budge, Report Secretary

  11. Natalie Levi, Report Vice Chair 

  12. Geoff Cox, Report Chair

  13. Credential Report

  14. Bylaw Proposals, if offered before the meeting will be published on this page

  15. Adjourn

"The mission of the Cache GOP is to promote and defend the Constitution and values of our party Platform through finding, electing and supporting principled Republicans in elected offices through the caucus-convention system. The Party also defends our Platform through media, social events, training, and education."


Standing Rules, RR 59:27

  1. These rules shall govern any conflict with Robert's Rules.

  2. Debate time for the adoption of the agenda is limited to 20 minutes.

  3. Each delegate to this meeting will be issued a credential card that is non-transferrable and must be displayed at the time of voting.

  4. Only credentialed Republicans are allowed to speak unless approved by the chair per RR 61:19.

  5. Elected Official and Auxiliary Reports: These addresses may occur at any time during the proceedings, as time allows, as determined by the chair.

  6. In order to ensure the efficiency of the convention and respect of attendees time, items of business may be moved forward at the Chair’s discretion, as time allows.

  7. Bylaw/Platform Proposal Discussion:  Maximum time limit for discussion on each proposal is 20 minutes.  The person who proposes the bylaw will have 5 minutes to introduce the proposal.  Speakers are limited to 2 minutes each. Speakers may ask the person proposing the bylaw change questions, who may give short responses.  At the end of the discussion period, the body may motion to extend the debate time by a specific number of minutes by majority vote, otherwise all pending amendments are voted on in their current state after which the main motion is voted on.

  8. Speakers face the chair when making motions, and may face the body when presenting information.

  9. Affiliates may exhibit and distribute literature inside the foyer of the venue without charge.  All other entities desiring a booth/table to exhibit must be approved by the Executive Committee and pay the required fee.  Exhibits are confined to designated areas inside the foyer.  Exhibitors are responsible to remove their materials after the Convention. Exhibitor shall pay any required cleaning fees for which they are responsible.  Any and all literature distributed must prominently display the name and contact information of the group or person responsible for it. Any literature being distributed without this disclosure may be removed from the premises.

Voting Threshold  

Bylaw 9A: All matters to be voted upon by any committee established by these By-laws or any convention or precinct caucus shall be by majority vote of those present and authorized to vote, unless otherwise specified herein.

Bylaw 10B: These By-laws may be amended at any time by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of qualified voting members or delegates present at a regular or specifically called County Central Committee meeting or County Convention, respectively.


Voting Percentage Calculation

Due to 9A requiring a “majority vote of those present,” Roberts Rules 44:7-9 requires the denominator of the percentage calculation include all credentialed voters in the hall at the time of the vote. To comply with this requirement, the chair will ask if everyone has voted before closing balloting so the ballot count is the denominator. 

Agenda Fall Central Committee

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