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Thursday, October 5, 2023 at Logan High School Little Theater.

Credentialing begins at 6:30 PM, call to order 7 PM.  Adjourn no later than 10 PM.

This is our last Central Committee Meeting before our Lincoln Dinner, Legislative Session, Caucus, County Convention and State Convention.  Let's make it count! 

Note:  This proposed agenda is not official until the Central Committee adopts it at the meeting.  If you have an item you would like to add, or a bylaw suggestion for the committee to consider, please email

Please review the bylaw proposal document so you can be prepared to discuss and vote.  If you have questions or suggestions regarding a proposal, please email

  1. Welcome, Chair

  2. Prayer

  3. Present Colors

  4. National Anthem

  5. Pledge of Allegiance

  6. Adopt Rules

  7. Adopt Agenda

  8. Approve minutes last CCC meeting

  9. Calendar

  10. Jana Atkinson, Election Support

  11. Julie Rudie, Teenage Republicans, 2 min

  12. Chris Lauritzen, Cache Republican Veterans, 2 min

  13. Angie Martin, Cache Republican Women, 2 min

  14. David Palmer, present RNC voting Resolution, 4 min

  15. Report Treasurer

  16. Report Secretary

  17. Report Vice Chair

  18. Report Chair

  19. Credential Report

  20. Bylaw Changes

  21. Adjourn

"The mission of the Cache GOP is to promote and defend the Constitution and values of our party Platform through finding, electing and supporting principled Republicans in elected offices through the caucus-convention system. The Party also defends our Platform through media, social events, training, and education."


Convention Rules, RR 59:27

  1. Speakers face the chair when making motions, and face the body when presenting information.

  2. Debate time for the adoption of the agenda is limited to 10 minutes.

  3. Each delegate to this meeting will be issued a credential card that is non-transferrable and must be displayed at the time of voting.

  4. Only members of the Cache Central Committee are allowed to speak unless approved by the chair per RR 61:19.

  5. Bylaw Discussion:  Maximum time limit for discussion on each Bylaw proposal is 15 minutes, except proposal 9 which is limited to 30 minutes with a 5 minute introduction.  At the end of the discussion time, the Committee may motion to extend the debate time by a specific number of minutes by majority vote.  Speakers are limited to 2 minutes each. Speakers may ask the person proposing the bylaw change questions, who may give short responses.  At the end of the discussion period, all pending amendments are voted on in their current state after which the main motion is voted on.


For Reference From our bylaws:

  1. (2A) A quorum for the Central Committee shall be 50 members, or a majority of precincts represented.

  2. (10B) These By-laws may be amended at any time by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of qualified voting members or delegates present at a regular or specifically called County Central Committee meeting or County Convention, respectively.


Discussion on voting, See RR 44:7-8: The word "present" in 10B means that if the quorum requirement is 50, credentialed were 500, and only 50 authorized voters are PRESENT in the hall, 34 are needed to pass the bylaw change, even if only 20 people cast a vote.   An abstention is the same as a nay vote.  This means that we must know how many credentialed voters remain in the hall per RR 44:9 at the time of the vote.  To accomplish this, the chair shall ask for ayes, nays, and abstentions to ensure all credentialed voters are represented, total of which shall be the denominator when calculating majority or 2/3 percentages.

Agenda - Central Committee Meeting

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