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Executive Committee
August 7 Proposed Agenda

Meet at Logan City Environmental Building

153 North 1400 W, Logan, UT 84341

Call to order 6 PM


  1. Prayer

  2. Pledge

  3. Adopt agenda 

  4. Approve minutes July 9

  5. Report John Drew, Treasurer

  6. Report Pam Budge, Secretary

  7. Report Natalie Levi, Vice Chair

  8. Report Geoff Cox, Chair

  9. County Fair August 7-10

  10. Constitution Day Sep 17

  11. Parades​

  12. Election Support

    1. Chris Wilson, Senate District 2

    2. Jason Thompson, House District 3   

    3. Mike Petersen, House District 2        

  13. What do we need to stop doing, start doing, keep doing?

​​​Parades 2024

  1. Hyde Park Days, July 15, Northeast, Jana

  2. North Logan Pioneer Day, July 25, Northeast, Jana

  3. Newton, North, Sid

  4. Logan Pioneer Day, July 24, Logan, Tim, JoAnn

  5. Mendon Pioneer Day, July 24, South, Mike

  6. River Heights Apple Days, August 26, Southeast, Bonnie

  7. Paradise Trout & Berry Days, August ?, South, Mike

  8. Wellsville Founders Day, September 4, South, Mike

  9. Providence Sauerkraut Celebration, Southeast, Bonnie

  10. USU Homecoming, Logan,Tim, JoAnn

For reference, RR 49:21 Procedure in Small Boards 

Approved for every Executive Committee Meeting until the next Organizing Convention (see August 2, 2023 minutes)

(5A6) Executive Committee meetings of any size may follow Roberts Rules of Order Procedure in Small Boards (section 49.21) at the discretion of the committee. 

RR 49:21:

In a board meeting where there are not more than a dozen members present, some of the formality that is necessary in a large assembly would hinder business.  The rules governing such meetings are different from the rules that hold in other assemblies, in the following respects:

1) Members may raise a hand instead of standing when seeking to obtain the floor, and may remain seated while making motions or speaking.

2) Motions need not be seconded.

3) There is no limit to the number of times a member can speak to a debatable question. Appeals, however, are debatable under the regular rules.

4) Informal discussion of a subject is permitted while no motion is pending.

5) When a proposal is perfectly clear to all present, a vote can be taken without a motion's having been introduced. Unless agreed to by unanimous consent, however, all proposed actions must be approved by vote under the same rules as in larger meetings, except that a vote can be taken initially by a show of hands, which is often a better method in small meetings.

6) The chairman need not rise while putting questions to a vote.

7) If the chairman is a member, he may, without leaving the chair, speak in informal discussions and in debate, and vote on all questions.

Informal discussion may be initiated by the chairman himself, which, in effect, enables the chairman to submit his own proposals without formally making a motion as described in 4:4-8, (although he has the right to make a motion if he wishes).

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