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Volunteer on a Committee

To accomplish the work of the party, we must be organized.  Each critical function needs an owner with specific goals to achieve and a defined budget. We have many committees to promote and defend our platform and to provide parades, conventions, events, etc.  We need your help! 

Volunteer as an Election Counter

Help the County Clerk's Office count ballots to ensure a fair election.

Volunteer at a Parade

There are many parades in Cache Valley, and the Cache GOP enters a float and invites elected officials and Party members to walk, throw candy, distribute Platforms and Declaration of Independence sheets.  If you volunteer at a neighboring city's parade, you can enjoy the parade in your town.  Click the link below to volunteer!

Screenshot 2023-03-18 at 2.30.47 PM.jpg

Register to Vote

Register on the secure State of Utah registration website.

You will need an updated drivers license to register.

You can register with a paper form.  Visit  

Run for County Office

The County Republican Party holds an organizing convention on the odd years to select a Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer, 7 District Chairs (one from each County Council District, and five State Central Committee members.  Read our bylaws to learn what the duties are.  Elections must close no less than 10 days before the convention so watch for information. 

Visit the Cache County Elections page for information on County Council or government positions.

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