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Ballot Count Procedure

Procedure for Each Ballot Round - check off each item when completed


1. The Chair opens the balloting process and introduces the Count Manager.

2. Chair invites ballot counters and poll watchers to report to the front and instructs them to leave all bags, jackets, purses, satchels, backpacks and cell phones behind.

3. Before beginning, the Count Manager holds up and shows inside of ballot boxes to delegates and poll watchers to prove empty.

4. Chair opens balloting

    a. When delegates have deposited their ballots and returned to their seats, Chair asks if everyone has voted.

    b. If necessary, Chair asks delegates for a vote to close balloting.

5. Secretary provides Count Manager the number of credentialed delegates and blank count sheets and ballot results worksheet.


Count Manager


1. Leads volunteers to counting room.

2. Examines room and people to ensures no extra ballots are present.

3. With the attention of all present:

    a. invite poll watchers and volunteers to access counting instructions at

    b. review the procedures and rules for ballot counting.

    c. Instruct poll watchers what they can and cannot do, invite them to take positions to view the process.

4. Assigns 2 volunteers to each counting table.

5. Assigns a unique number to each table (table 1, table 2, etc.).

6. Open sealed ballot boxes in the presence of volunteers and poll watchers.

7. Dump ballots on the table, and remove all ballots from the box.

8. Show the inside of each ballot box to the volunteers and poll watchers to verify all ballots have been removed.

9. Set aside ballot boxes, ready for next election.

10. Divide ballots into roughly even piles and place on tables.

11. Go slow to go fast” - accuracy first, speed second

12. Repeat the counting procedure until two consecutive counts agree.  Switch counters on tables each subsequent count, then switch one volunteer between tables after the second count.


Counting Procedure


1. Counting manager provides fresh count sheets.

     a. Write Table Number, Count sequence and Candidates Names on the top of the sheet.

2. Volunteer 1: Pick up a ballot, examines and holds up to show the other count volunteer.

3. Volunteer 1: If ballot appears spoiled, show Counting Manager and ask for a ruling on whether to accept or reject ballot.

4. Volunteer 1: Announce candidate name.

5. Volunteer 2: Marks tally sheet (picket fences) for each candidate vote, including ineligible candidate ballots and unclear ballots.

6. Volunteer 1: Place ballot in piles by candidate.

7. When all ballots counted, total tally marks for each candidate, record on count sheet.

8. Each volunteer signs the count sheet, present to count manager.

9. Leave ballots on table.


When two consecutive counts agree, Counting Manager prepares Tellers' Report


1. Counters and poll watchers observe Tellers' Report preparation.

2. Counting Manager verifies table count sheets.

3. Counting Manager inspects spoiled votes.  If the quantity of spoiled or unclear ballots would affect the result, counting manager “reports them to the chair, who immediately submits to the assembly the question of how these ballots should be recorded.”  RR 45:33

4. Ballots are bound by rubber band and clipped to the count sheet..

5. For each candidate, total ballots cast by adding table counts together, write on Tellers' Report.

6. Total all votes cast including spoiled ballots, write in Total Cast box.

7. Compare Total Votes to the Total Credentialed.  Total votes must be equal or less than credentialed.

8. Calculate percentage vote for each candidate by dividing total candidate votes by total votes cast. If count between candidates is within 5%, switch one volunteer from each table, recount.

9. Calculate victory threshold:

    Nominating Convention at least Total Cast x 0.7

    Special Election > Total Cast x 0.5

10. All volunteers and counting manager sign Teller's Report sheet.


Count team returns to auditorium


1. Ballots, table count sheets and Tellers' Report are presented to the secretary.

2. Tellers' Report is presented to Chair who reviews:

3.     Final reporting sheet signed by ballot manager and counters and poll watchers.

4.     Final ballot count is equal to or lower than credentialed total.

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