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File for 2024 Elections

Below is the current list of open seats that will be on the 2024 Election for Cache County and the State of Utah. The filing period for candidates in 2024 starts 8:00 AM on January 2, 2024 and ends 5:00 PM on January 8, 2024.


Those running for State seats can file at any County office in Utah and those running for Cache County seats will need to file at the Cache County office.  

For information on how to file, please see Utah Code:

Open Seats

1 Cache County Assessor (current Brett Robinson)
1 Cache County Attorney  (current Dane Murray)
1 Cache County Clerk       (current David Benson)
1 Cache County Recorder (current Tennille Johnson)
1 Cache County Treasurer (current Craig McAllister)

1 Cache County Auditor (new)

Cache County Council Logan Seat #1 (current Karl Ward)

Cache County Council Logan Seat #2 (current Barbara Tidwell)

Cache County Council North District   (current David Erickson)

Cache County Council South District   (current Nolan Gunnell)

Cache Water District Board (At-Large, At-Large, Logan Seat # 1, North District)

Cache County Board of Education District 1 

Cache County Board of Education District 3 (current D. Jeffrey Nielsen)

Cache County Board of Education District 5 (current Chris Corcoran)

Cache County Board of Education District 6 (current Kathy Christiansen)

Logan City School Board District 2 (current Gregg Miller)

Logan City School Board District 3 (current Ann T. Geary)

Logan City School Board District 4 (current Frank Stewart)

8 Utah State Board of Education

Utah State Senate District 2 (current Chris Wilson)

Utah State House District 1  (current Thomas W. Peterson)

Utah State House District 2  (current Michael J. Petersen)

Utah State House District 3  (current Dan N. Johnson)

Utah State House District 5  (current Casey Snider)

1 Utah Governor

1 Utah Lieutenant Governor
1 Utah Attorney General
1 Utah Auditor
1 Utah Treasurer
1 Utah Supreme Court Justice
1 Utah Intermediate Appellate Court Judge

1 Presidential Election

1 U.S. Senate

1 U.S. House

There are two ways to get on the ballot.  First, you can choose to gather signatures.  The second is to work through the caucus-convention system.  The Cache County Republican Party exists primarily to support the caucus-convention system.

The cost to gather one signature during the 2022 election is estimated at $16.  If you are running for House District 5, there are 108 county delegates.  For a candidate to talk to each delegate for 15 minutes would take 9 evenings at 3 hours each. 

If you decide to qualify for the ballot by gathering signatures, per Cache GOP Bylaw 9G and 6B7, the party will not provide any recognition as a candidate or assistance in any form, including delegate contact lists, until after the primary election, unless required by law. Signature gathering candidates are always listed on the nominating convention ballot after non-signature gathering candidates.

All candidates may request a list of registered Republicans from the County Clerk.

Read the Cache GOP Contact List policy at

The number of signatures required to qualify for the ballot are:

  County Office 3% of the registered voters in the area served by the office on Nov 15, 2023.

  State Senate  2,000

  State House   1,000

  State Board of Education 2,000


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