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Announcing the Cache GOP Spring

Central Committee Meeting

Saturday June 10 opens at 9:00 AM, held at a Ridgeline High School.  

 Please study the bylaw proposals in the document on the agenda page.

Municipal Elections

Have you ever considered serving on your city/town council? NOW IS YOUR CHANCE!  Every incorporated city/town in Cache County will be holding elections for council member positions with 4 year terms. Municipal elections are non-partisan.  Filling period ends early June.  

Check your towns page for exact date.


Click here to view

the calendar for the

entire year.


Read about our principles.


This document specifies how the Cache Republican Party is governed.

Get Involved!

  • Register to vote

  • Volunteer for parades

  • Run for office

  • Volunteer for a committee

Everyone Loves a Parade!

We participate in parades in non-election years to help communities see that we care about being involved. We seek to share our principles and values by handing out platforms.

We are planning on several parades on July 4th.  We need your help! Please look at the list of parades and sign up for one or more. Bring your families!  We appreciate your support!  Thanks to Wilson Motor for providing the truck!




Executive Committee

Meeting Agenda


  • Exec Committee 

  • Conventions

  • Central Committee 


Watch recordings of town hall meetings, County Council meetings, etc.


Fund conventions,


caucus meetings, free

Constitutions, and more!

The mission of the Cache GOP is to promote and defend the Constitution and values of our party Platform through finding, electing and supporting principled Republicans in elected offices through the caucus-convention system and through media, social events, training, and education.



Contact information 

School Board

Find when/where state

and local school board

meetings are held.


How do our elected officials vote relative to your poll results?

Poll Results

See the results of all

CacheGOP Polls.

Republican Women

Link to the Cache Republican Women page.

Teenage Republicans

Link to the Cache TARS

Teenage Republican page.

Republican Veteran Caucus

Link to the Cache Veterans Republican Caucus page.



Link to the USU College Republican page.

Why Caucus?

Why is the

Caucus-Convention System

the best way to ensure candidates are true

to our platform?

Delegate Stewardship

How to be an effective

delegate in representing

your neighbors.



What do Precinct Officers,

County Delegates &

State Delegates do?



Learn how bills

become law;

find/read/track bills,

watch Floor debates .

Declaration of Independence

America's why.  

The heart of the country.

US Constitution

Great site with explanatory

text on every clause.

Bill of Rights

Unprecedented in history, and absolutely essential!



Read what makes

Utah tick.

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