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Nominating Convention Results April 13

Approved by Acclamation
Council Logan 2: Barbara Tidwell
County Clerk:  Bryson Behm
County Recorder: Tennille Johnson
County Treasurer: Craig McAllister
County Assessor: Brett Robinson
County Clerk/Auditor: Bryson Behm
 State Delegates:  Please start preparing for the State Convention April 27!

You are invited to attend an exclusive candidate open house for state delegates to meet our state and federal candidates on Wednesday April 17 at 6:30 PM, at the fairgrounds Cache County Event Center,  490 South 500 West, Logan.  Candidates coming (so far):
US Senate

 Brent Orrin Hatch

 Brad Wilson 

 Jason Walton

 Carolyn Phippen

 John Curtis

 Trent Staggs  


Attorney General

 Rachel Terry

 Frank Mylar

State Treasurer

 Marlo Oaks


 T. Carson Jorgensen

 Spencer J. Cox Campaign 

State Auditor

 Tina Cannon  

 Ricky Hatch 

US House

 Blake Moore Campaign

 Paul Miller 

Delegates, your task is to represent your precinct in selecting candidates for the primary and general elections.  You need to determine each candidates fitness for the office and their fidelity to Republican principles and our platform. Read candidate websites, literature, news reports, talk to the people you represent for their thoughts and attend events sponsored by the candidates.  

Register to vote, update your voter registration information, or update your ballot mailing address at the Utah Voter Registration Website.  Your vote counts! 

Utah Code 20A-3A-202(9) allows voters to ask their Election Officer NOT to send a mailed ballot for the next and subsequent elections. These citizens will simply vote in person. 

Watch Tad Callister's Lincoln Dinner Presentation

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Join with interested groups to serve our community:

The MISSION of the Cache GOP is to promote and defend the Constitution and values of our party Platform through finding, electing and supporting principled Republicans in elected offices through the caucus-convention system and through media, social events, training and education.

Declaration of Independence


US Constitution


Bill of Rights




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