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Dear Republican Voter:


We have completed our County and State Conventions, and are ready to move on to the next phase of the 2024 election, the June Primary.  The Cache County Republican Party would like to recognize and thank its county and state delegates who attended long conventions and faithfully represented the precinct caucus voters who elected them. 


The convention delegates have selected excellent candidates for you to vote for in the primary on June 25.  As you get to know the candidates, try to recognize why delegates selected them at the convention.  Your duty as a primary election voter is to narrow the field to one candidate for the general election. 


You may have heard in the news that the governor’s race at the state convention experienced a lack of civility.  Some delegates were not exactly welcoming to the incumbent, and we express our disappointment in those who displayed a lack of decorum as well as the governor who did not exactly disagree better.”  Video and transcripts of the gubernatorial candidate's speeches are posted below.


We encourage all Republicans to research candidates based on three criteria:


First, are they fit for office, can they do the job, and is their experience in life sufficient to expect that they can comprehend how the economy works and the government's role in it?  


Second, our platform is what makes us Republicans.  Please review our platform and carefully determine each candidate's potential fidelity to it.  


Third, if we want a civil society, we should elect candidates who treat others respectfully, especially when there are disagreements on policy.  In Cache County, this should go without saying.

Convention results and candidate links are provided below.  Please join us in voting for candidates who will defend liberty!

  Cache County GOP Executive Committee

Spencer Cox

I love you guys. So I have a speech prepared for you today. I think I’m going to turn off these monitors and say something different than what I had prepared today. To all of those who support us, thank you for being here today.  We are so grateful for your support and we appreciate you. To those of you who are here for constructive purposes even if you disagree with me, thank you for representing the very best of our party. To those of you who are borrowing the cancel culture from the left,


I’m a little worried about our Caucus/convention system. There are a whole bunch of people out there who want to get rid of this. They’re telling us that the caucus/convention system has been hijacked by extremists who don’t represent the real Republicans in our state. And I hope we aren’t giving them more ammunition today.


Look I am so proud, I am so proud to be welcomed here today. The same way you have welcomed lots of Republican governors over the years. Gov Herbert got boo’d here and lost by 10 points, but won by 40 points in Republican primary. Governor Leavitt got boo’d here, lost in convention but won in the Primary. You boo’d Orrin Hatch, Norman Bangerter. You even boo’d the General Relief Society President of the LDS Church in 2000.


But do you remember why you boo’d those people? And why are you booing today?


Maybe you’re upset that I signed the largest tax cut in Utah history.

Maybe you hate that I signed Constitutional Carry.

Maybe you hate that I signed the most pro-life legislation in Utah history.

Maybe you hate that I signed school choice or that I sent troops to the border.

Or that I have the support of Governor Abbott from Texas.

Maybe you hate the 60 lawsuits that we filed against President Biden and this administration.

Maybe you hate that we stopped DEI and ESG and CRT.

Or maybe it’s something much more simple. Maybe you just hate that I don’t hate enough.


I’m proud of my record. And I will defend my record and I am going to take it to everyone in the state, all 900,000 Republicans in our Primary Utah who will vote. What I love about real Utah Republican is that you are architects, not arsonists. You love our state. You care about your neighbors. We disagree passionately, but treat each other with respect. That is the true spirit of the Republican party that I know and that I love. I'm proud to be your governor. I love this state. I love all of you and we are going to win in November.



Phil Lyman

It's good to be around friends. Thank you so much. I am truly humbled and grateful to be here today. Thank you for your service. I’m thrilled to introduce you to my family, these people back here, this is what we do this for. This is why we get into politics. I want to introduce Layne Bangerter, my lt governor. If anyone doesn’t know Layne Bangerter you should get to know him. He’s a true fighter.Where are my people from San Juan County? Are you here?


We are small but the reason I love San Juan is because they stand up. I’m from there, I’ve watched it happen. Sometimes when we stand up it is actually to our detriment. And some negative things happen. Which brings me to Washington County. Where’s Washington County? I spent some of my most important days of my life in Washington County in the Purgatory Correctional Facility for ten days. Now some people think that I should distance myself from that story. But I am very proud of that story because it is a story of standing up to a weaponized BLM that I watched coming into my community.


People wonder if I will stand up. I promise you that I will. When I was a county commissioner I had one person say this is a fight you will never win. It’s like David and Goliath. First of all I’m not interested in any of the fight. And second of all you should read that story again.


But all of us have a feeling of what it feels like to be in a prison. As I watched Coronavirus roll out, With the CV task force, with the business lockdowns. It felt like a prison to me. So you know what that looks like.


I don’t want to build prisons in Utah, I want to build roads. That’s what we’re about.


Roads that bring us freedom, roads that bring us opportunity.

Roads that bring us the opportunity to do things we have never done before.


Now, don’t laugh at this, but I think what we need in the state of Utah in politics and in the nation is we need to elect more accountants.  Now, I’ll explain why.We need more accountants because they tell you the truth. They tell you what your assets and liabilities are. They don't tell you what you want to hear, they tell you what the facts are. I’ve looked at the balance sheet of Utah and I think there’s some things that we can fix.


I want to talk about energy. We should be building roads, not prisons with our energy.


We should not be held hostage bc of the fed govt owning our energy resources.


Education should be a road to opportunity. Not a prison.


Public lands should be a road to greater prosperity and greater opp and greater recreation.  It should never be held over our heads.


Immigration is such an important road for so many people who have come to this country. It should never be an invitation. And we should never be overwhelmed with immigration policies that are designed to weaken us.


Economy should be a road, not a prison. I’m looking at these young kids coming out of college trying to think if they can afford a house and how to support their families. That should not be the case. We have a strong economy.


Elections should be a road not a prison. Elections shoud be a way for us to control the government, not a way for the wealthy to control us. It should be a way for us to control the government. Let's get rid of the prison sentence that started with SB54.


I am so grateful to live in this state. In this country. God bless you all, God bless Utah.

My name is Carson Jorgensen.

I'm running for governor. I serve as chairman of the Utah Republican party so a lot of you know me and I know you and there’s nobody I trust more with Utah's future that's why I'm the only candidate in this race that never even filed to gather signatures.


I'm running because of the quality of leadership in the direction of our state and the fact that we seem to drift a little bit more blue each year.  Can any anyone tell me a single place in this country where life is better because Democrats are in charge?


Then why disagree better when we know what works red works better than blue, conservative works better than liberal, so why wander down the middle of the road?


Don't vote for me if you want to disagree better, vote for me if you know we better disagree.  You know I'm a pretty nice guy but that all changes the minute my daughters are threatened and disagreeing better with Joe Biden and the Democrats, going along to get along and ignoring the generational damage that Joe Biden has done to this country that is a threat to my daughters, it's a threat to the border of this nation my daughters live in and the Constitution that protects their rights.


it threatens their ability to ever afford a home or raise a family and it's not just my daughters I’m worried about, You know one day it hit me what disagree better really means. It means pretend to disagree.


If you pretend to disagree you can pretend to protect girls Sports.

If you pretend to disagree but you state your pronouns.

If you pretend to disagree but promote DEI.

if you pretend to disagree with the Democrats you can double State spending and our dependence on the federal government.

Just like pretending to agree let your sports stadiums for billionaire to get you big money from the abortion peddlers and the teachers union.


You know why, because pretending to disagree let you pretend to be a conservative.


I don't know about you but I am done with that.  We know what real Republican Governors look like. Let me ask you this is anybody here ready for a real Republican Governor?


This Governor is underwater with Republican voters but who can beat him in a primary if you have baggage going into this primary and you have to play defense it's tough to win. I am the only Republican candidate who can play offense from day one. They'll try to attack me but they've got nothing to work with.  In a primary I will have the resources and the endorsements to win. More than ever Utah needs a clear conservative direction and a commitment to head that way - we are done wandering down the middle of the road trying to please everybody.  We don't need to apologize for disagree or back off our conservative values and we don't need a pretend conservative as Governor.


I'm Carson Jorgensen I'm a pretty nice guy but when they a threat to my family and that includes all of you that's when I run for governor thank you we need your support today

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