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Caucus Check-Out





1. Count Presidential Preference Poll Ballots in front of participants in room

2. Write results on form in your packet

3. Take a picture on your phone of the report

4. Report Presidential Preference Poll results into the reporting web form by clicking the blue button or scanning the QR code below:  

​5. Count donations, write the donated amount on outside of envelope, the newly elected Treasurer must sign the envelope certifying donation amount.

6. Report Precinct Elections into the web reporting form by clicking the blue button below or scanning the QR code.  Total attendees = number of presidential preference poll ballots (which include absentees).

5. Deliver to your District Chair at your drop-off location:

  • Presidential Preference ballots

  • Completed Certificate of Presidential Results Reporting form 

  • Completed Precinct Officer, Delegate, & Alternate Election Results Reporting forms

  • Donations envelope

  • Voter registration forms 

  • Election Volunteer form

Report Presidential Poll.png
Report Elections.png
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